This is where to find Royal Veterinary College academic policies, procedures, and regulations, including those used for assuring the quality and enhancement of the student learning experience. In this area Students and Staff can access all pertinent information relating to the student journey.

Academic Quality Assurance & Enhancement Procedures


Collaborative programmes

  • Collaborative Provision [Please note the procedures in this document are under review - contact the Head of Collaborative Programmes for further information]

Course design, review and closure

Curriculum managers and exam board members

Student engagement

Teaching Quality Committee

For further details and/or help, please contact a member of the Academic Quality Team.

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The RVC maps its Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Procedures against the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the Office for Students ongoing conditions of registration. The College also takes into consideration the requirements of relevant Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) confirmed the quality and standards of provision at the Royal Veterinary College following its review visit in February 2015. A team of QAA reviewers visited the Royal Veterinary College and judged that its academic standards, the quality of its student learning opportunities, and the quality of information about its learning opportunities all meet UK expectations. The enhancement of its student learning opportunities is commended. 

Course Support & Student Administration

Timetabling policy and procedures

Procedure for students wanting to transfer between RVC undergraduate courses

Studying abroad

 Attendance monitoring policy for students on a study route visa or in receipt of a US loan

Religion and belief observances in relation to teaching and assessment

Student Performance and Development System (including Fitness to Study policy and guidance)

General Regulations for Study and Awards (replaced the General Regulations for Internal Students of the Royal Veterinary College)

Examinations & Assessment

This is where you will find policies, regulations, guidance and procedural information regarding exams and assessment.

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A Guide to the Documentation available for Examiners and Examining in Taught Courses at the RVC

There are four types of document:

1. Policy: Statements about particular expectations in the design of regulations and operation of procedures

2. Regulatory: Formal requirements that all Courses, Examiners and Boards of Examiners must meet

3. Procedures: Set instructions that Examiners and Course Directors must follow

4. Guidance: Reference documents to enable Examiners and Course Directors to undertake their roles.

All courses are governed by the following:

Title Contents Type of document

Regulations for Boards of Examiners

Describes the makeup and duties of members of the Board Regulatory

Procedure, Criteria and Nomination Form for appointment of Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Boards of Examiners

Procedure for appointing a new Chair or Deputy Chair of Exam Board, including a nomination form with criteria of appointment Procedure
Code of Practice for Pre Meetings to Boards of Examiners Business to be dealt with prior to formal meetings of Boards of Examiners Procedure

General Assessment Regulations for Taught Courses

Security of Exams and Assessment Material

Regulations covering conduct in exam rooms, late submission of work, document retention, aegrotat Regulatory
Setting Examination Papers How written examination papers have to be set Procedure
How Exams are Marked How exams should be marked eg Sample and Double marking requirements etc. Procedure

Guidance for Design of Assessment in Modules   

How to ensure that the load of assessment on students is equivalent between different modules etc.


Marking Schemes:

How to mark/grade assessments Policy​

Extensions to submission dates and authorised absences:

Guidance to Students on meeting submission deadlines

Allowable reasons for granting of extensions to submission deadlines

Assessment Extension Request Form

Summative Assessment Authorised Absence Form

How a student can gain extensions Procedure

Guidance for Boards of Examiners concerning major project resubmission

What and how to decide when a student has failed a project​ Guidance

Responsibilities and Guidance on annual activity for Course Directors or BVetMed Year Leaders

The course director’s responsibilities in relation to examinations Guidance

Responsibilities and Guidance on annual activity for Chairs of Boards of Examiners [under review]

The chair’s responsibilities in relation to examinations Guidance

Academic Director of Assessment: Role Descriptor

The Academic Director(s) of Assessment's role and responsibilities Guidance

Special Examination Arrangements Information

How a student can seek adjustment to their exams and how it is considered and approved Procedure

Academic Standards, Adjustments and inclusive practice:

Making adjustments for Examinations - statement of required competencies and Guidance for Students and Chairs of Boards of Examiners

What is allowed in terms of making adjustments Policy​

Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism

For further information please refer to  Student Appeals, Complaints or Conduct  Procedure

Exams Calendar for MSc Degrees (first and second attempts, deferrals, progression)

Cycle of activity in MSc degree examinations Procedure

Feedback to Taught Students at the RVC – Policy & Guidance

Who, when and how feedback should be given to taught students

Policy on Formative Assessment

Policy & Guidance

Oral Examinations by Tele or Video-conferencing (not applicable to MRes or distance learning courses)

Using Skype and video conferencing Procedure

Written Examinations taken at a Distance

Arranging examinations at premises other than the RVC Procedure

Guidance for digital/paperless assessment of taught courses

Guidance on the planning, set-up and delivery of remote online assessments Guidance

Systems Failure in Relation to Online Submission of Assessments

Outline of the RVC procedure when there is a system failure that impacts on submission of online assessments, for example via Online Coursework Management (OCM) or TurnItIn, as well as any other appropriate submission portal.


Suspension of Regulation Protocol

A workflow for suspension of regulation.


Teaching & Learning

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  • Human Resources A - Z Forms and Policies for documentation relating to standards of conduct for staff and students
  • Policies and Regulations (on Intranet) for documentation related to the use of RVC computers, internet, telephones, printers. etc by RVC staff and students
  • Policy and Legal for documentation relating to Governance, Publication Scheme, Finance, Information Compliance, Health and Safety, Risk Management, Public Interest Disclosure, etc.

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