Friday 5th May 2023

With another long weekend ahead of us and, whatever your view, an event of historical significance likely to flood social and mainstream media (and, no, I am not referring to the RVC Students’ Union May Ball!), I know many are starting to focus on exams and, for some, what comes next as careers beckon.  I also realise  this is a stressful time for some and remind you all that if you would like some advice or support there are various ways you can get in touch with us.  Details can be found at the bottom of this message.

There have been many exciting things happening around us over the last several months and we can be remiss in not taking the time to clock significant events in our own lives, as the world continues to spin on its axis and international affairs occupy the news channels. The logistically successful visitation to our joint degree offering with Aberystwyth University, the move into the new building at Hawkshead, our retention of QS#1, and the continuing face lift for Camden….. there is a lot happening at the RVC and, looking at diaries, it is clear there will be no let up in the rate at which we address the challenges and opportunities we face.

As we make changes to our campus, it’s amazing what one discovers. One such recent revelation came about as we emptied the café area of the Eclipse building in preparation for the next phase of our renovations. Those familiar with the area may have noticed a (huge) coat of arms next to Registry. Passed by many each day, some may, however, not have noticed that the 3-D relief is not of the RVC armorial bearings but that of the Sovereign. With a little bit of detective work, it became apparent that this coat of arms once had pride of place on the pediment of the main gate at Camden, not Hawkshead, truly putting the “Royal” in RVC.

We are debating where we might best mount the bearings given that our own RVC version has somewhat displaced the historical artefact. For sure we will be keeping it and it may be that a return to Camden would be most proper. We will see. All suggestions welcome!

But how appropriate that we should be refreshing our royal connection in the very week, the Crown itself will be refreshed. Coincidence?  As Wayne Dyer said, ”In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word "coincidence" does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly”  …. keeping the Royal in RVC.

Whether you are marking the event or avoiding it, plus or minus the May Ball, have a great weekend.

As ever,


If you would like support, you can book an appointment with a Wellbeing Adviser or email The Advice Centre is open from 9am-5pm every working day (not including bank holidays) and our support is available confidentially to all students.

You can also receive out of hours support from:

  • RVC Health Assured (0800 028 3766) –  24 hour confidential helpline to support you through any of life’s issues or problem
  • Samaritans (116 123) – open 24/7
  • Vetlife – helpline available 24/7

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