The Academic Committee structure, under Academic Board is responsible for the development and management of the College's academic affairs.

To ensure that the committee structure is working effectively and that good practice is developed and adhered to, Academic Quality oversees the administration of the RVC's Academic Committees. This includes issuing briefing and guidance such as the  Academic Committee Handbook   . 

The Academic Committee structure diagram is available for download here

Chairs, Secretaries and meeting dates for Academic Committees and Course Management Committees including coversheet template

List of Chairs, Secretaries and meeting dates of 2021/22 Academic Committees

All papers must contain a  Committee papers coversheet  which includes the details of the paper and where applicable an executive summary. The executive summary is especially important if a large quantity of complex information is being considered, when a summary helps the committee to focus on the most important points for discussion and keep the proposals in sight during discussion.

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