The Flow Cytometry Core Facility was created in 2020 at the RVC Hawkshead Campus in a drive to provide state-of-the art imaging facilities for researchers, clinicians and contract workers.

This will provide scientists and clinicians with on-side facilities to foster new and exciting research opportunities, to develop clinically relevant ex-vivo assays, as well as to provide commercial partners with the infrastructure and the knowledge present in one place, linking our capabilities from pure in-vitro/ex-vivo experiments through to in vivo experiments.

Access to this equipment

This resource is available for researchers within the RVC as well as external users.

Equipment can be self-use upon completion of training, or on the basis of a commercial contract.

How to use the facility

  1. Read our guidelines
  2. For competitive access pricing and technical support contact
  3. Email a completed RVC Flow Cytometry Core Facility Registration Form (please download and fill in the form) to
  4. Complete training
  5. Gain access to booking calendar and Flow Cytometry Core Facility

BD LSRFortessa X-20™

BD AriaFusion™

Nikon Eclipse Ti2

BD LSRFortessa X-20

BD AriaFusion

Nikon Eclipse Ti2

The BD LSRFortessa X-20™ Analyser can quickly measure cell-level detail with statistical significance.

The BD AriaFusion™ can isolate identified populations, including rare cell populations.

The Nikon Eclipse Ti2 Series Inverted Fluorescence Microscope System.


The RVC Flow Cytometry Core Facility was set up with the support of Hertfordshire LEP

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