The Imaging Suite is a purpose-built facility. It contains microscopes capable of experiments ranging from basic microscopy of cells or tissues to complex imaging, including: 3-dimensional reconstructions, live cell imaging, imaging of multiple fluorescent dyes or a combination of them.

The facility is run and managed by Dr Andrew Hibbert who provides full training to all microscope users. This training is provided via a bespoke online course, detailing the theory and practice of using each system, followed by supervised use of the equipment.

RVC staff and students can access more detailed information about the Imaging Suite and our training resources in our Learn site.

Equipment and Capabilities

Currently, the following equipment and capabilities are to be found within our Imaging Suite:

Wide field light and fluorescence microscopes

These are used for most normal imaging of cells or tissues, which might be stained with coloured dyes, fluorescent dyes or not stained at all. They can be imaged at scales ranging from entire tissues to details of a few cells.

Our four microscopes are fitted with high-resolution colour or sensitive monochrome cameras. We can image using all of the main microscopy methods through either upright or inverted microscopes, providing great flexibility in the types of sample we can image.

Confocal microscopes

These eliminate out of focus light to image fluorescent dyes in a thin "optical slice", as though a very thin section of your sample had been cut out. By stacking these slices on top of each other three-dimensional reconstructions of your cells or tissues can be created. We have a Leica SP8 confocal microscope in the facility and are able to image all commonly used dyes.

Live imaging

We have a microscope at 37°C with a supply of humidified 5% CO2. This allows imaging of living cells over time courses up to overnight. This microscope can be used for wide field fluorescence and phase contrast imaging.

Image analysis

We have a range of software packages for the manipulation and quantitation of the images you collect in the Suite. Dr Hibbert is experienced in the use of all these programs and available to provide any assistance necessary with presenting or quantifying images.

Other RVC “Imaging” Facilities

The RVC has a wide range of other facilities which can be described as “Imaging”, including:

Further Information and Contact

If you require any further details of any of the equipment capabilities then please contact Dr Andrew Hibbert, Imaging Suite manager, CBS Department, RVC, Royal College Street, London NW1 0TU. Tel: 020 7468 5257 or e-mail

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