Flow cytometry and microscopy can be used in multiple research applications.

At the moment, the new equipment is used to identify which cells are expressing specific molecules either on their surface or within their cytoplasm, to identify cell subsets that take up or are infected by fluorescently-labelled pathogens, or to follow the functional development and the maturation/differentiation of stem cells.

Some examples of on-going research (see also recent Publications) are:


  • Expression of c-type lectin receptors in PMBCs, macrophages and dendritic cells
  • Binding of C type lectin FC fusion proteins on Theileria
  • Sorting of parasites such as Theileria


  • Phenotyping of differentiated stem cells into heart cells
  • Characterisation of primary mesenchymal stem cells
  • Expression of thrombocytopenia markers in platelets and lymphocytes


  • Characterisation of primary mesenchymal stem cells


  • Sorting of parasites such as Eimeria
  • Protein expression of vaccination candidates in yeast
  • Phenotyping PBMCs and T cell activation in vaccinated flocks

Other interests

  • Cat
  • Mouse
  • Human

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