The RVC offers a comprehensive service led by specialist veterinary ophthalmologists..

RVC ophthalmology experts have access to facilities and expertise needed to treat a wide range of eye disorders and to offer medical and surgical treatment as well as pre-purchase examinations and second opinions.

The specialists use a slit lamp biomicroscope, tonography and ultrasonography, to examine all parts of the eye.

Eye diseases are common in horses and conditions like corneal injuries and infections can deteriorate rapidly, despite receiving treatment. Our dedicated team of equine clinicians, veterinary nurses and vets-in-training provide round the clock supervision and intensive therapy of complicated eye cases, including subpalpebral lavage systems to provide continuous medication of the eye.

We have expertise in all types of equine eye disease, including:

  • Corneal injuries, ulcers and infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma
  • Assessment and treatment of cataracts
  • Recurrent uveitis
  • Assessment of retinal disease
  • Treatment of ocular tumours including sarcoids and squamous cell carcinoma

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