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17th September 2020 : Our telephone systems at our hospitals and practices are currently experiencing technical problems. We apologise for the inconvenience to our clients. Please email us with your contact information including your phone number. We will contact you as soon as we can. 
RVC Equine : equinereception@rvc.ac.uk

RVC Equine is located in Hertfordshire and has a long and rich history in equine health management, combining world-leading research with the largest number of RCVS Equine Specialists of any UK veterinary teaching hospital, 24 - hour emergency and referral services, and a first opinion equine only ambulatory practice - backed up by the most advanced techniques, patient care and best facilities available.

As a leading veterinary teaching establishment committed to educating the equine vets and specialists of thefuture, student involvement in delivery of care greatly benefits all our patients as each case is subject to the highest levels of scrutiny and is carefully monitored to ensure the best possible outcome.


Horse Owners

01707 666297


01707 666304

Hawkshead Campus, Hertfordshire

Veterinary Surgeons

01707 666297


01707 666304

Hawkshead Campus, Hertfordshire

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Please note that for training and quality assurance purposes, we record incoming and outgoing calls to our hospitals. See RVC Client Privacy Notice.

RVC Equine Team

Our Hertfordshire based clinical team includes equine only practice vets and internationally recognised RCVS Specialists who provide a comprehensive and sophisticated service including medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging, supported by Registered Equine Veterinary Nurses, equine technicians and specialist clinicians-in-training.

See RVC Equine Team.

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