As part of our commitment to the concordat on openness on the use of animals in research, here are some short articles explaining how and why we use horses in research at the RVC.

Gait analysis

Several studies have highlighted that lameness is the most common presenting clinical complaint in equine practice, the most common cause for retirement and loss of use in horses across all disciplines. Read about our research in this Gait analysis Case Study

Stem cells

Much of the exploration into new treatment options for tendon injuries in animals has taken place in the horse. The RVC was the setting of the first use of stem cell therapy for tendon injuries in horses, and the technique has also been used for equine joint disease.. Read about our research in this Stem cell based treatments Case Study  


Laminitis is a painful condition of the equine foot which can result in permanent lameness or euthanasia affecting 1.5-34% of horses. Read about our research in this Summary of Recent Laminitis Research at the RVC

Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy

Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN) is a disease of the recurrent laryngeal nerves that is common in horses. Read about our research into causes, diagnosis and treatment of RLN in this Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy Case Study.

Immunobiology of fertility in mares

This research project aims to provide insights into disrupted mechanisms accounting for currently unidentified pregnancy losses in mares. Read about our research in this Immunobiology of fertility in mares Case Study.

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