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The RVC has been at the forefront of equine research since it was established. The combination of an equine referral hospital, doctoral and post-doctoral equine research and the existence of internationally respected specialists at the College enables it to remain at the leading-edge of developments in equine science and medicine.

Stem-cell based treatments and breakthroughs in gait analysis and recurrent laryngeal neuropathy are just some of the areas where RVC experts have been at the forefront of equine research with benefits for practice.

RVC equine veterinary specialists and researchers work closely with biomechanics researchers at the College’s Structure and Motion Laboratory. This multidisciplinary effort to better understand the locomotion of horses, in both health and disease, has already helped progress lameness diagnosis approaches. The collaboration is likely to continue to generate fresh insights into performance at all levels, which helps horses at the RVC and beyond.

Not only do horses and their owners benefit directly from RVC breakthroughs, but veterinarians trained at the College and their future clients also benefit from the knowledge-base they are immersed in. This expertise also filters out to practices around the world via research papers, books and presentations at national and international conferences and congresses.

RVC Equine Team

Our Hertfordshire based clinical team includes equine only practice vets and internationally recognised RCVS Specialists who provide a comprehensive and sophisticated service including medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging, supported by Registered Equine Veterinary Nurses, equine technicians and specialist clinicians-in-training.

See RVC Equine Team.

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