The Royal Veterinary College’s Equine Referral Hospital has been designated as 'Outstanding' by the Practice Standards Scheme (PSS), a voluntary quality assurance system designed to promote the highest standards of veterinary care.

The PSS was established by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), which regulates the veterinary and veterinary nursing professions in the UK. The PSS steering committee is chaired by a representative of the RCVS and composed of representatives from all of the major veterinary and veterinary nursing organisations in the UK.

The PSS Awards, which were updated in 2016, requires everyone in the clinical team to be working and thinking to the highest possible standards, and for a hospital or practice to have a strong culture of continuous improvement. Assessment is based on a review of processes and documentation and also interviews with team members to assess how these processes are implemented.

The Equine Referral Hospital has been assessed for 'Client Services', In-patient Services', 'Team and Professional Responsibility' and its 'Diagnostic Service' in 2016.

Assessed as Outstanding for Client Service

The Client Service element covered all aspects of the client experience.

Assessed as Outstanding for In-patient Service

The In-patient Service evaluation covered dentistry, infection control, inpatient care, nursing, pain management and surgery.

Assessed as Outstanding for Team and Professional Responsibility

The Team and Professional Responsibility category included modules related to Clinical Governance, Infection Control, Medical Records, Medicines and the Practice Team.

Assessed as Outstanding for Diagnostic Services

The Diagnostic Service category was split into modules related to Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory and Clinical Pathology.

RCVS Accredited Practice

Veterinary hospitals and practices that are successful in the PSS are also designated as RCVS Accredited Practices.

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