At RVC Equine, our clinical specialists work in multidisciplinary teams, with different specialists collaborating on cases and developing new approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

This cross-disciplinary approach enables us to develop specific treatment plans for our patients. It also reassures owners that their horse or pony is in the very best hands.

  • We have the largest number of accredited specialists of any UK veterinary equine teaching hospital
  • We treat all types of horses from the family pony to international elite athletes
  • Our world-class specialists lead the way in clinical practice and offer your horse the highest standards of clinical care
  • Our work is driven by scientific innovation and clinical flair - we have a rigorous, evidence-based approach to everything we do
  • We offer a round-the-clock emergency service for horse owners and equine vets

Quality care

Our veterinary specialists are supported by a team of highly professional and well-trained equine veterinary nurses, equine technicians and clinicians-in-training. As a leading teaching hospital, we are committed to training the veterinary professionals of the future. Veterinary students and specialists-in-training learn alongside some of the best equine vets in the profession.

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