Farriery has a long-standing tradition at The Royal Veterinary College - indeed the first students were farriers by trade - and farriery is an integral part of our case management.

The RVC farriery team includes Peter Day and Dr Chris Pardoe, who have contributed to the field by conducting practical research into farriery and publishing this in scientific and lay journals.

The farriers work with RVC orthopaedic surgeons, the equine diagnostic imaging team and the gait analysis team. This multidisciplinary approach, along with access to cutting-edge technology, optimises the farriery management of each horse.

The farriery team deals with horses admitted to the Equine Referral Hospital, but also accepts referrals for farriery only. Difficult cases may be referred by farriers or veterinarians, who may choose to accompany the horse, make use of our leading-edge diagnostic methods and discuss the best farriery options with the RVC team.

The team also provides a world class educational resource, offering tuition in the scientific approach to farriery and training in research skills for practitioners.

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