Horses’ teeth are specially adapted for a life of grazing and are designed to grow continuously throughout their life. This means that regular dental care is a vital element to keeping your horse both healthy and performing well.

The Royal Veterinary College's team of equine referral specialists are all experienced in equine dentistry, having performed routine rasping and corrective work on over 30,000 horses, ranging from the elite equine athletes to the geriatric donkey. We use both hand rasps and specialised motorised dental equipment to carry out most dental treatments on your yard, including minor surgery such as wolf tooth extraction.

We are also able to use intravenous sedation, as well as painkillers and local anaesthetics, which enables us to give even the most nervous of equine patients a calm and quiet experience whilst we deliver the highest quality of equine dentistry.


The soft tissue surgery team at the equine hospital is responsible for the evaluation and treatment of horses with sino-nasal and surgical dental diseases. We have developed minimally invasive approaches to the sinuses and employ the latest techniques for minimally invasive dental extraction.

These approaches are all supported by the cutting-edge imaging available from our standing computed tomography (CT), and have revolutionised our ability to diagnose and treat dental disease and sinus pathology.

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