Are lop-eared rabbits more predisposed to dental and ear diseases than erect-eared rabbits?

People: Charlotte Burn, David Brodbelt, Joanna Hedley, Dan O'Neill

Vet Compass Project Type: Rabbit

We aim to deepen understanding of the animal welfare impacts of dental and ear disease in rabbits, and to identify breed related risk factors for these. We plan to use the new information to improve rabbit welfare by raising awareness of any dental and ear health implications from selecting for rabbit with extreme morphology.  

BVetMed RP2 Research Projects

People: Dan O'Neill, David Brodbelt, Camilla Pegram

Vet Compass Project Type: Dog, Cat, Small Mammal, Exotic

All BVetMed veterinary undergraduates at the RVC are required to complete a formal piece of research (named Research Project 2 “RP2”) as part of their route towards gaining a veterinary degree. This project is a Level 7 body of work that is at the level of a master’s project. VetCompass supports students to undertake these RP2 projects at the RVC. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has supported several VetCompass RP2s annually on topics related to canine health.

Antimicrobial usage in farm animal veterinary practice in the UK: A mixed-methods approach

People: Doaa Elkholly, David Brodbelt, Dan O'Neill, Richard Booth

Vet Compass Project Type: Farm Animal

The aims of this study are to estimate current antimicrobial usage in Farm Veterinary Practice and investigate the intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors associated with farm veterinarian decision-making when prescribing antimicrobials as well as exploring the drivers behind farmers' decision when using antimicrobials.

Evidence-based prioritisation of disorders within dog breeds

People: Camilla Pegram, Dan O'Neill, David Brodbelt

Vet Compass Project Type: Dog

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) has funded a 1-year project within VetCompass™ called ‘Evidence-based prioritisation of disorders using epidemiological data on dog breeds from VetCompass primary-care veterinary clinical records’. Camilla Pegram has taken up the role of VetCompass epidemiologist, working alongside Dr Dan O'Neill and Dr Dave Brodbelt, to explore studies on breed health and to assist in VetCompass™ development.

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