Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Camden

Joanna is a Senior Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College

Joanna qualified from Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2003 and spent time in mixed, small animal, exotic and wildlife practice before undertaking a residency in Exotic Animal and Wildlife medicine back at R(D)SVS where she obtained her RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine.
She is currently a RCVS specialist in Zoological and Wildlife medicine and European specialist in herpetological medicine. She joined the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 as Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery. She is based at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden, where she leads the exotics clinical service and is developing student teaching of exotic species.

Joanna's current research interest include reptile medicine and exotic pet welfare

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Joanna is involved in teaching in the clinical environment for undergraduate students at the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital and the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals. She also teaches on the BVetMed and VN course. She has spoken at continuing education meetings and conferences both nationally and internationally in the field of exotic pet medicine.

Joanna's clinical interests include; reptile and exotic pet medicine.

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