Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Centres: Veterinary Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health

Camilla is a PhD student, working within the VetCompass Programme . Her aim is to utilise primary-care data to provide a reliable evidence base to support improved welfare in companion animal species. 

Camilla obtained a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from The Royal Veterinary College in 2015 and worked in first opinion small animal practice upon graduating. She developed an interest in research whilst an undergraduate and returned to The Royal Veterinary College in 2017 to complete a Master of Research degree in Companion Animal Epidemiology within the VetCompassTM team. Specifically, she studied the associations between neutering and urinary incontinence in bitches under primary veterinary care in the UK, which is a hotly discussed topic amongst veterinarians.

Following this, Camilla took on the Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) funded project within VetCompassTM called "Evidence-based prioritisation of disorders using epidemiological data on dog breeds from VetCompass primary-care veterinary clinical records". The aim was to expand the evidence-base for breed related conditions and identify breed health related priorities in order to improve canine health and welfare.

In 2021, Camilla started a PhD titled "VetCompass eClinical Trials (VETs) – Generating Interventional Evidence from Observational Data". The aim is to adapt and develop innovative causal inference statistical approaches to veterinary electronic patient records to evaluate the effectiveness of clinical interventions in dogs.

Camilla's research is based on primary-care veterinary clinical data collected via the VetCompass Programme. During her Masters her focus was on exploring the associations between neutering and urinary incontinence in bitches. Following this, Camilla worked closely with Dr Dan O'Neill and Professor Dave Brodbelt to improve understanding of the role of breed in relation to disorder prevalence and severity. During her PhD, Camilla has worked on adapting and applying novel causal inference methodology to VetCompass data.


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