Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Cardiovascular and Renal Biology, CPCS (Research Programme), Brain Health and Behaviour

Jonathan Elliott is Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology and has been an academic at the Royal Veterinary College for approaching 32 years.  For 16 of these he served as Vice Principal for Research and Innovation, taking responsibility the RVC’s for research strategy and preparing three consecutive research excellence framework submissions on behalf of the RVC (RAE2008, REF2014 and REF2021).  He stepped down from the VP role on 31st March 2021 after submitting REF2021 and has just returned from a 12 month sabbatical to resume his academic duties in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences.  

Jonathan Elliott graduated from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1985. After graduation, he completed an Internship at Veterinary Hospital University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1986, a PhD in vascular biology and amine oxidases at the University of Cambridge in 1989 and gained his RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Cardiology in 1990.

In 1990 he was appointed to a lectureship at the Royal Veterinary College in London where he is currently Professor in Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology.  He served as Vice Principal – Research and Innovation for over 16 years (2004-2021) leading the RVC’s submissions for RAE2008, REF 2014 and REF 2021. He was awarded the Pfizer Academic Award (1998) for his research contributions to the pathophysiology of laminitis and the BSAVA Amoroso award (2001), the PetPlan Scientific Award (2005), the European Society of Nephrology and Urology Award (2007) and the BSAVA Woodrow Award (2019), all for his clinical research contributions in the area of feline chronic kidney disease. He is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.  He is currently President of ECVPT (2018-2021) and is a member of the International Renal Interest Society.  He also chairs the Petplan Charitable Trust Scientific Committee and is a panel member of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship scheme.

Professor Elliott is currently a member of:

  1. Petplan Charitable Trust Scientific Committee
  2. International Renal Interest Society

Professor Elliott is a past member of The Veterinary Products Committee and BBSRCs Training Awards Committee 

Jonathan's research interests encompass the pathophysiology of renal, cardiac and vascular diseases of companion animals. He belongs to the Comparative Physiology & Clinical Sciences research programme.

Orcid ID

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Jonathan teaches renal physiology (BSc year 1) and aspects of pharmacology (BVetMed years 2, 3, 4 and 5; BSc year 2).  He is a tutor to BVetMed students in years 1 and 2.

  • Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Research

    Kidneys filter the blood and produce urine and so problems with kidney function can result in a variety of health problems for a cat. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the persistent loss of kidney function over a period of time. CKD is the most common kidney disease affecting cats as they get older. The RVC’s Geriatric Cat Clinic was established in 1992 with the aim of researching the common conditions of older cats and to help with the care and medical management of the cats that attend the clinic.

  • Researching Laminitis Risks for Horses and Ponies

    A four year study of laminitis in ponies, measuring physical, metabolic and management data, identifying significant factors associated with laminitis such as basal serum insulin concentration, insulin concentration in response to the OST, basal plasma adiponectin concentration and the presence of divergent hoof growth rings on the feet, and making recommendations for treatment  based on this.

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