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VetCompass studies have explored a number of important topics including issues related to the health of pedigree dogs. The current VetCompass understanding of canine health is summarised in a recent statement.


VetCompass shares and analyses veterinary clinical information to understand the disorders and improve the welfare of companion animals


  • “Comparing conditions that affect welfare, in order to help prioritise efforts to tackle problems, depends on taking account of intensity (e.g. how much it hurts), duration (how long it hurts for) and the numbers of animals affected. To estimate the latter we need to know the proportion of animals affected. Here at UFAW we are seeking that important information, about the prevalences of genetic welfare conditions, for inclusion at the UFAW genetic welfare problems website. I welcome your project”.

    Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)
  • "The RSPCA supports the VEctAR Animal Surveillance project (now known as VetCompass) because we believe there is an urgent need for the systematic collection of data on inherited and acquired diseases in dogs and cats. This need has been recognised by several expert reports that have recently been published.

    We are very concerned that many dogs and cats remain vulnerable to unnecessary disease because of the way they have been bred, and this project will enable breeds at greatest risk of specific conditions to be identified so that everyone involved can make the much needed efforts to improve the welfare of future generations.

    The data gathered will be independent and scientifically validated, so we hope that the project will provide an objective source of information to be used by all.

    We are pleased so many veterinary practices have shown such concern about this topic and enthusiasm for this project."

    The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA)
    Canines 811,140
    Rabbits 67,784
    Rodents 56,807
    Reptiles 5,658
    Ferrets 4,545
    Fish 636
    Other 6,128
    TOTAL 1,540,277

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