Dog breed health

VetCompass studies have explored a number of important topics including issues related to the health of pedigree dogs. The current VetCompass understanding of canine health is summarised in a recent statement.


VetCompass shares and analyses veterinary clinical information to understand the disorders and improve the welfare of companion animals


  • "The BVA supports all efforts to increase our knowledge of disease prevalence in companion animals in the UK. We welcome the work being carried out by VetCompass which will give us a better understanding of the conditions affecting the UK practice-attending population".

    British Veterinary Association (BVA)
  • As the largest UK veterinary charity, PDSA provides free veterinary services to sick and injured animals & promotes responsible pet care. PDSA cares for more than 400,000 pets and provides 2.7 million treatments each year. Alongside our provision of frontline clinical care, PDSA has recognised the benefits that its large clinical database can bring to important nationwide epidemiological initiatives such as VetCompass. We hope that our involvement in the VetCompass initiative will aid in the further development of evidence based veterinary medicine.



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