Dog breed health

VetCompass studies have explored a number of important topics including issues related to the health of pedigree dogs. The current VetCompass understanding of canine health is summarised in a recent statement.


VetCompass shares and analyses veterinary clinical information to understand the disorders and improve the welfare of companion animals


  • “The KC is fully supportive of the principle of data collection from veterinary practices which will give us much greater information about the conditions which affect dogs and dog breeds.”

    “Research projects such as VEctAR (now known as VetCompass) are crucial to enabling dog breeders to breed even healthier dogs while retaining the characteristics essential to their particular breed.”

    The Kennel Club
  • Medivet supports VetCompass, a resource which we believe benefits the whole veterinary community and the welfare of our patients. This innovative project brings together current scientific expertise with the day-to-day clinical experience of thousands of primary care vets, and combines unbiased evidence with information and statistics on many veterinary care outcomes. It is revolutionising our understanding of disease prevalence in our pets, and is helping us to build a legacy around diagnosis, treatment and the development of new techniques and practices in veterinary science.



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