The transition into university life and different ways of studying comes with many new challenges which can be stressful at times.

Sometimes you may find that you experience difficulties that affect your ability to study and do well on your course because of health, personal, academic, professional or other challenges.

The Student Performance and Development System (policy) was designed to help you to manage this type of  unforeseen situation effectively, should you need to while studying with us. Our aim is to offer help at an early stage so you have the best opportunity to overcome any issues and go on to complete your chosen course. This process is outlined in the Guidance notes.

We use a process that is transparent, sensitive to your personal circumstances, non-judgemental and consultative. As part of the process we are also able to introduce you to our other support teams for further support and to develop a return to study plan with you.

Other sources of support:

The Advice Centre which has specialist advisers and counsellors in the following areas:  finance, housing, bereavement, anxiety, mental health, specific learning difference, disability.

NHS - You’ll also find some great advice on managing stress on the NHS website.

Student Success Coaches – Looking for new ways to think about challenging issues? You may want to discuss them with your Student Success Coach. They’ll be getting in touch by phone or text.

Student Performance and Development System

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