The Directorate of Learning and Wellbeing was created at RVC in 2017 with the aim of promoting a wellbeing, learning and working environment at RVC for all students and staff.

It is comprised of a teams that provide a variety of Academic and Student support services for staff and students:

The vision for the Directorate is to create opportunities, spaces and learning experiences that are inclusive and accessible and which build a sense of community across RVC. It seeks to support academic staff to develop approaches to their teaching which promote intellectual and emotional flexibility, and to also help students to develop skills to manage stress and anxiety in order to thrive during their studies - and beyond.

Strategic Aims for Learning and Wellbeing

  • Create inclusive wellness environments (digital, physical and social) for all staff and students.
  • Support staff to create and foster engaging curricula and learning experiences.
  • Develop activities for staff and students to promote wellness and prevent illness.
  • Promote and develop mental health knowledge in order to develop skills to self-manage and thrive.
  • Strengthen a sense of community belonging within RVC.
  • Ensure all students can access effective support services that enable them to successfully manage the transitions into and out of Higher Education.

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