Are you study ready?

Managing the transition from school to university can bring many challenges, particularly when it comes to studying and assessment preparation.

The Study Skills Team is here to help you understand what is expected of you as you progress through your programme at RVC, and to help you develop techniques and skills around time management, assessment preparation and more to help you achieve your academic goals without undue stress.

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Study skills support

The Study Skills support team can help you to develop skills in:

  • time management
  • academic reading and writing
  • team/group work
  • creative thinking and different approaches to learning,
  • research skills,
  • numeracy and statistics,
  • assessment, revision and exam techniques
  • NAVLE exam support
  • and much more!

Sessions are offered in many ways – group sessions, online and individual appointments - so find the way that suits your study style.

Individual support

Appointments can be booked through the RVC app or RVC LEARN on either campus or online: Book an appointment.

We know that everyone has different study needs. If your first language is not English or if you have a specific learning differences (SpLD) such as dyslexia and dyspraxia please contact the team for an appointment. We can also help you access specialist dyslexia advisors and tutors if needed.

Group workshops

You’ll meet the team during Welcome Week and 5 Ways to BE Well Induction in timetabled sessions with your year group to help feel confident for the term ahead.

You can attend pop-ups and timetabled workshops throughout the academic year. We cover topics such as understanding assessments, finding your study style, using Onenote for your studies, different writing styles, time management and more.

Online 24/7 support – Studiosity for writing

Studiosity is an online writing platform that offers personalised support and feedback whenever you need it, 24/7. Studiosity provides after-hours assistance to help you with your academic writing and referencing. It is available free of charge for all RVC students and can be accessed from your course page or from the Study Skills area on LEARN.

Online resources – KickStart and the Student Hub: Study skills

North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE) preparation

Student Success Coaches

Whether you have just joined the RVC or you have returned for another year, being a part of the RVC community and engaging with your studies is key to being successful in your time here.

Our Student Success Coaches (SSCs) are current PhD students and will help you to develop action plans to meet identified goals and strategies for accomplishment.

Through academic coaching SSCs will help you understand how to make use of your time and create a plan of action for successful learning.

Through individualised sessions with the SSC, you can accelerate your learning, strengthen interpersonal communication skills, and increase productivity.

Their personal knowledge of studying at the RVC means that they can offer strategies and solutions to make your studying a success.

Through a set of Pathways to Student Success the SSCs will keep you motivated as you develop a range of academic skills to equip, encourage, and enable academic success.

You can meet the Student Success Coaches during Welcome Week and find out more about how they can help you.  If you have any questions please contact or find out more at the Student Hub on LEARN

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