James Bee logoThe James Bee Student Choice Awards for teaching and support staff are an important way for the student voice to be heard and to celebrate excellence in our RVC community. The awards recognise RVC staff who excel in providing an excellent student learning experience whether in the classroom or as part of our student support services.

Dr James Bee was a hugely charismatic individual with a great flair for teaching and we created these awards in his honour.

The awards are very meaningful to staff (see videos below) and are a wonderful way for students to show their appreciation. Once the vote closes a panel reviews the nominations and confirms the prizes. Winners of the awards are surprised and delighted when their name is called out at graduation.

All RVC staff engaged in teaching and student support are eligible for the awards. However winners from the previous year are not eligible for the current year. (See below for last year’s winners).

There are 6 categories where you can nominate a staff member:

Outstanding Teacher

For educators who are passionate about their subject and make it exciting. 

 Top Tutor

For tutors who's guidance has had a significant, beneficial impact on a student’s personal and/or professional development.

 Super Support Staff

For a member of support services staff (E.g., library, Advice Centre, accommodation, course support) who provides support that exceeds expectations - above and beyond the call of duty.  They are readily available and friendly towards students.  

 Creative Curriculum

For educators who use different activities and technology in an effective and/or innovative way to enhance the student learning experience. 

 Sensational Supervision 

For a supervisor who Inspires students’ research to go in new directions and makes them feel part of the research community at the RVC.

 Extra Mile Award

For a staff member (academic or support) who has made a distinctive contribution to an area of University life for a student’s benefit. By going the extra mile, they have truly enhanced the RVC student experience.


Nominations Open - 1st March 2024

Nominate now →

You can find the criteria for each award on the online nomination form. To help the panel fully consider your nomination, we encourage you to add a specific example of why you think your nominee is deserving of the award and meets the criteria.

We hope you'll each take the time to nominate in each category, but you can also select just a few.

Nominations open: 1st March 2024

Nominations close: 10th May 2024

Celebrating our past winners!






Outstanding Teacher
Renato Previdelli

Top Tutor
Troy Gibson

Super Support Staff
Bigboy Simbi

Creative Curriculum
Anke Hendricks

Sensational Supervision
Dan O’Neill

Extra Mile
Andrew Crook

Outstanding Teacher
Mark Fox

Top Tutor
Claire Thornton

Super Support Staff
Meg Bellingham

Creative Curriculum
Beth Reilly

Sensational Supervision
Nicola Blackie

Extra Mile
Jordan Francis

Lisa Thurston

Saira Amelia Khurshid Akhtar

Elliot Gathercole

Sian Frossini

Charlotte Lawson

Brian Catchpole

Victoria Crossley

Barbara Mulenga

Rosin Bolger

Barry Ewens

Barbara Haesler

Kelvin Ho

Maria Diez Leon

Dan O’Neill

Paul Pollard

Aleks Schaefer

Victoria Waring

Sarah Williams

Louise Allum

Damer Blake

Emma Boardman

Jo Hedley

Sonja Jeckel

Vicky Lipscomb

Isabel Orriss

Lynne Rose   


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