Blood collected from our canine and feline donors is used for a variety of different patient concerns. The Transfusion Medicine Service processes blood obtained from our donors into a variety of different components.

Separation of whole blood into its constituents allows for a more tailored approach of administering products based on our individual patient needs. It also allows for a longer storage time of blood products, minimising wastage of this vital resource.

The products we have available for our canine and feline patients include

  • Fresh whole blood - used in patients requiring all of the components of blood to support them through their condition
  • Packed red blood cells - used in patients that are anaemic and requiring only the red blood cell component of whole blood
  • Fresh frozen plasma - used in patients with a wide range clotting problems
  • Frozen plasma - used if patients require additional protein support or have been intoxicated with certain rodenticides
  • Serum eye drops - used by our ophthalmology service to treat patients with corneal ulceration
  • Cryoprecipitate - available for our canine patients suffering from haemophilia and other diseases preventing normal blood clotting.

All of our component therapy from our canine and feline donors is stored with knowledge of their blood type, allowing for the delivery of type-matched therapy to the recipient requiring it.

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