The team treats dog, cat and other small animal eye conditions at the QMHA. The team also offers ophthalmology service to the Equine Referral Hospital of the RVC.

We carry out ophthalmic evaluation, intraocular and extra-ocular surgery on dogs, cats and exotic animals with any eye problems. Cataract surgery is one of the most common intraocular surgeries performed by the service, this procedure include small incision cataract surgery with cold star technology, foldable acrylic intraocular lens replacement and capsular tension ring placement. Other ophthalmic surgeries performed routinely are lens luxation surgery, corneal reconstruction surgery - including novel surgical procedures such as amnion and corneal grafting procedures as well as the classical conjunctival pedicle grafting and corneo-limbo-conjunctival transposition.

We offer eyelid and third eyelid corrective and reconstructive surgery. In addition, we offer 30-hour intraocular pressure curves for patients with glaucoma.

The ophthalmology team also provides with a broad array of laser treatments, from transpupillary retinopexy for partial retinal detachments, anterior chamber microscope adapted diode laser for iridal pigmented lesions and uveal cysts as well as melanocytic masses. We also offer transcleral diode laser delivery, current gold standard treatment for glaucoma in horses. We also offer endolaser cyclophotocoagulation for glaucoma surgery and retinopexy.

The ophthalmology team has also established a corneal donor program, where local owners can donate their pet's eyes to save vision for others.

The ophthalmology team undertaking an examination

Comprehensive ophthalmic examinations

All referred patients receive a thorough ophthalmic examination, which includes slit lamp biomicroscopy, funduscopy, tonometry, tear measurement and corneal staining. We also offer gonioscopy, gross and fundus photography and electroretinography if required.

How to administer eye drops to your pet

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