Much of the cutting-edge work carried out at RVC Small Animal Referrals would not be possible without the specialist expertise and world-class facilities of our Diagnostic Imaging Service. When imaging of any kind is required, cases are assessed using the most up-to-date equipment in the UK.

Specialists within our service are at the forefront of research into all aspects of small animal diagnostic imaging and also at the heart of the clinical work within the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals.

The specialists in the service are constantly helped by a team of four very experienced Radiographers. This help is invaluable in terms of the efficiency of the service and the consistent high quality images obtained.

The service is at the heart of the clinical area within the QMHA so interaction between all the various clinical services and the radiography and radiology teams can occur seamlessly, helping the individualised treatment of each patient.

We have one digital radiography suite, and a combined fluoroscopy / computed radiography suite for specialist techniques, including myelography and angiography. We use a high end ultrasound unit allowing for abdominal, thoracic, musculoskeletal and ocular specialist evaluation of our patients. Our MRI suite uses a 1.5 Tesla magnet with advanced cardiac imaging capabilities. We have a 320 multi-slice CT scanner, which is the most advanced scanner available in any veterinary teaching hospital in the world. A state-of-the-art gamma camera enables a full range of scintigraphy studies to be performed.

We also offer an external radiographic interpretation service to veterinary surgeons. Veterinary practices can submit DICOM images, together with the relevant history of the case, to the Diagnostic Imaging service, which will provide a written report by the following one or two business days depending on clinical demands. We currently ask that DICOM images are submitted. The quality of the images is far superior than other formats. They also include additional information, for instance timing of exposures, which can become critical to the interpretation.

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Fees for radiographic interpretation are £150.00, inclusive of VAT.

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