We are one of the longest established and leading veterinary orthopaedic services worldwide, and are supported by a dedicated team of surgical ECVS residents, veterinary interns, RCVS registered veterinary nurses and animal care assistants.

Our team tackles an extensive range of musculoskeletal conditions in dogs and cats, including joint diseases (elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, OCD, arthritis), angular limb deformities, cruciate disease management (including TPLO, TTA), patellar luxation, Key-hole joint surgery, joint replacements such as total hip replacements and repair of broken bones and joints (internal and external fracture fixation).

State of the art procedures and clinics including:

Our specialists are at the forefront of advancing veterinary medicine to provide the best new treatments for your patients. The team are highly published in veterinary orthopaedics and are involved in several ongoing clinical trials to improve the outcomes for our pets with orthopaedic problems.

Aftercare and rehabilitation

We work with the dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation service, to get the best outcomes for our patients, including onsite full-time veterinary physiotherapist, including TENS, laser and manipulation therapies, underwater treadmill and hydrotherapy pool - see Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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