RVC Equine’s custom-built exercise area provides optimum facilities for our team of specialists to accurately assess each horse’s gait on different surfaces and at different paces, moving in a straight line and in circles.

The exercise areas are fenced, with post and rail fencing providing a safe environment for your horse. Our 60m straight trot-up track is coated with a special anti-skid finish to provide maximum grip and greatly reduce the risk of slipping.

Our 20m hard lunge circle is similarly covered to provide maximum safety. Our all-weather arena is used for lunging and riding and allows us to examine horses moving at faster gaits under saddle in all weather conditions.

The exercise area is used for a wide range of investigations including lameness and poor performance, as well as on-board airway endoscopies for ‘wind’ assessments.

For lameness assessments, the exercise area has been designed to allow us to use our state-of-the-art gait analysis equipment to provide accurate diagnosis of lameness and follow response to treatment.

horse being exercised at the RVC Equine Hospital

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