RVC Equine has a dedicated area for mares and foals, with two large quiet boxes, both of which access our neonatal foal intensive care unit where critically sick foals, for example with septicaemia, receive round-the-clock, continuous care from our clinical teams.

Foals admitted to the RVC's dedicated neonatal intensive care unit are looked after 24/7 by our expert veterinary and nursing team.

  • Our intensive care unit is fully equipped to provide state-of-the art treatment and monitoring for premature and sick foals
  • Mare and foal boxes allow stabling of mare and foal together or separately, if foals are unable to stand
  • Mares can see and smell their foals over special barriers, so that the natural bonding process is not disrupted.

Difficult pregnancies

We have the facilities and expertise to support your mare through a difficult pregnancy. Our team of neonatal specialists, surgeons and anaesthesiologists are on stand-by should any difficulties during birth arise to deliver the foal quickly and safely. We do all we can to send a mare back home to you with a healthy foal.

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