Veterinary Dermatology

Veterinary Dermatology

Our senior veterinary dermatologists are all board-certified specialists. Being hospital-based, they provide a one-stop-shop for owners of cats and dogs with ear infections and skin disease. The ability to access the expertise of specialists in other disciplines at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals ensures a co-ordinated approach to patient management and care.

Service information

Our dermatologists collaborate closely with one another, and with specialists in other services, to assist with complex cases, especially those whose diseases stray across system boundaries. This multi-systemic approach benefits patients, pet owners and referring vets. 

Our team has significant experience in treating a range of dog and cat skin diseases and ear infections, with specific expertise in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic otitis externa and media. This expertise is underpinned by our ready access to the video-otoscopy and advanced imaging modalities necessary for optimal case management. Our team's other interests include bacterial and fungal skin infections, allergic skin disease, alopecia and hair follicle diseases, autoimmune skin and claw diseases and disorders of keratinisation or pigmentation.

Residencies and internships 

We are a leading centre for the training of veteriary specialists. If you are a vet and would like to find out more about our opportunities for residencies and internships, please see Clinical Training.

Access to video-otoscopy and advanced imaging modalities such as CT enables optimum management of complex cases

Our specialists see a large number of canine and feline ear, skin and claw conditions and work closely with specialists in clinical teams

For referring vets:

Referrals line:
+44 (0)1707 666399 (select option 2)

Emergency referrals:
+44 (0) 1707 666399 (select option 1)


Key Clinicians


Ross Bond

Associate Professor and Reader in Veterinary Dermatology


Anette Loeffler

Associate Professor of Veterinary Dermatology


Anke Hendricks

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology


Johann Boone

Veterinary specialist-in-training


Sarah Long

Veterinary specialist-in-training