Veterinary Cardiology

Veterinary Cardiology

The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals offers the largest and most comprehensive veterinary cardiology service in the UK. Senior members of our team are all internationally recognised experts and welcome referrals from general practitioners as well as colleagues with a particular interest in cardiology.  

Service information

Our team of veterinary cardiologists provides a full cardiology emergency service for dogs and cats. The department carries out advanced procedures and techniques, such as:

  • Permanent pacemaker implantation
  • Management of acute heart failure (including inotropic and vasomodulatory support)
  • Treatment of severe arrhythmias (including synchronous DC electrical cardioversion)


We involve the wider team

Our veterinary Cardiology Service is rapidly expanding its interventional caseload as well as actively seeking referrals for several complex treatments, which include:

  • Treatment of valvular stenosis using balloon valvuloplasty
  • Non-invasive management of patent ductus arteriosus using state of the art canine Amplatzer™ devices

For further information about cardiac surgery please click here.

Residencies and internships 

We are a leading centre for the training of veteriary specialists. If you are a vet and would like to find out more about our opportunities for residencies and internships, please see Clinical Training.

We treat more animals than any other cardiology service in the UK

Our cardiologists work closely with other clinical services to offer exceptional patient care

For referring vets:

Referrals line:
+44 (0)1707 666399 (select option 2)

Emergency referrals:
+44 (0) 1707 666399 (select option 1)


Key Clinicians


Virginia Luis Fuentes

Professor of Veterinary Cardiology


David Connolly

Associate Professor of Veterinary Cardiology


Tsumugi Anne Kurosawa

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Fellow


Xavier Navarro-Cubas

Staff Clinician in Cardiology


Julie Kavanagh

Veterinary specialist-in-training


Joon Seo

Veterinary specialist-in-training


Inmaculada ('Inma') Cerrada Serra

Veterinary specialist-in-training