What is MFA?

Cyber-security represents an increasing risk to the higher education sector and there has been an increase in focussed attacks of phishing scams. The credentials involving a username and password are no longer sufficient and that second verification is required to provide extra security to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to take over accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps provide the extra security and safeguards access to data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It provides additional security for the Office 365 web applications, by requiring a second form of authentication and delivers strong authentication via a range of verification options.

With multi-factor authentication service activated, a user can no longer sign in with only the standard RVC account password when away from the College. When a user signs in to Office 365 web applications, an additional verification is sent to the user. The following methods can be used for this second verification:

Verification Method Description
Phone call A call is placed to a user’s registered phone. The user enters a PIN if necessary then presses the # key.
Text message A text message is sent to a user’s mobile phone with a six-digit code.The user enters this code on the sign-in page.
Mobile app notification A verification request is sent to a user’s smart phone. The user enters a PIN if necessary then selects Verify on the mobile app.
Mobile app verification code The mobile app, which is running on a user’s smart phone, displays a verification code that changes every 30 seconds. The user finds the most recent code and enters it on the sign-in page.


Before you begin


Step 1. Activating MFA on your RVC Account



I understand, I'm ready to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on my RVC account.

By clicking the button below you agree that you have gone through the above content and do not currently have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled and are happy to proceed to enable it. You will be redirected to a secure webpage where you will need to enter your RVC email and password to begin the process. You will need to be onsite at any of the campuses to proceed.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

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