Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps provide extra security for Email and some RVC web applications. When activated, a user not only requires their regular RVC username and password when remotely accessing their college email account, but will also be asked for additional verification, in the form of a prompt sent to an authentication app or a phone call.

The remote portal (RDWeb) has  been activated for MFA and  will affect most staff users. Users must have MFA enabled to connect to RDWeb from now on and must be using the either the app or phone call method of authentication. The way you log in to RDWeb is described below depending on your current set up:

Doc1 - Users MFA activated with authenticator app notification.PDF

Doc2 - Users MFA activated with phone call.PDF

Doc3 - Changing MFA Authentication Method to Phone Call.PDF

Doc5 - Enabling MFA on your RVC Account.PDF

Doc6 - Updating your mobile phone number.PDF

Doc7 - Changing your MFA authentication method from Phone Call to Authenticator App Notification.PDF

Doc 8 Using MFA App with Number Verification.PDF

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