The following provides information about annual leave, adoption/maternity/paternity pay and leave, parental leave and sickness absence. General guidance about all types of absence (which includes compassionate, unpaid or sabbatical leave) can also be sought by reviewing the Leave and Absence Policy or alternatively contacting a member of the HR team.

Annual Leave

Annual leave entitlement will be outlined in individual contracts of employment. The table below details the basic annual leave entitlement for all staff (part-time employees will be entitled to a pro-rata amount):

Grades 1 to 5

210 Hours (30 Days)

Grades 6 to 9 210 Hours (30 Days)

Plus Bank Holidays and 21 concessionary hours (equivalent to 3 days) normally taken at Christmas.

Click here to see information about the current year Concessionary days.

The booking of annual leave may vary depending on operational needs of individual departments and employees should ensure they are aware of local rules. Employees who have any questions about annual leave should speak to their line manager in the first instance.

Annual leave should be requested through MyHR Employee Self Service (this link is only available to College employees on campus).

Further information regarding annual leave can be found within the Leave and Absence Policy.

Adoption, Maternity or Paternity Leave

The purpose of the Guides below is to provide guidance regarding adoption, maternity or paternity rights, leave and pay and give some clarity as to the process to be followed.

The guides are for information only. They are not a complete or authoritative statement of the law, nor do they form parts of contracts of employment.

Employees who wish to apply for adoption, maternity or paternity leave, should refer to the guides and associated checklists prior to completing the appropriate application form.

Guide / Policy Checklist Application Form
Adoption Leave (adopting from within UK) Adoption Leave Checklist - UK Adoption Leave Application - UK
Adoption Leave (adopting from overseas) Adoption Leave Checklist - Overseas Adoption Leave Application - Overseas

Maternity Leave Guide

Maternity Leave Checklist Maternity Leave Application

Paternity Leave Guide


Shared Parental Leave


Notice of Entitlement and Intention form

Notice to vary period of Parental Leave

Parental Leave

The guide below includes useful information for employees relating to Parental Leave and any entitlements available. Parental leave is a provision available which allows employees to take unpaid leave for the purpose of caring for a child and is available to both men and women.

For further information, please download the Parental Leave Guide.

For the SC3 Statutory Paternity pay form download HERE

Sickness Absence

The College wishes to develop and maintain policies that provide all employees with appropriate support in relation to their health. Attendance and absence must be managed effectively both to ensure the well-being of employees and to control and minimise the cost and impact of working days lost.

Employees should ensure they are aware of local departmental rules relating to sickness absence. Employees who have any questions should speak to their line manager in the first instance.

For information about Occupational Health, please click here (this link is only available to College employees).

The documents below provide further information.


Absence Management Toolkit (only available to College employees)

Leave and Absence Policy

Incapacity Procedure

Additional Information for

Employees Managers

Bradford Factor

Employee Responsibilities

Employee Sickness Self Certificate

Occupational Health (College employees only)

Bradford Factor

Return to Work

Occupational Health (College employees only)

Telephone Pro-Forma for Recording Sickness Absence

Template for Local Sickness Absence Reporting

Weekly Sickness Record Form

Incapacity Procedure

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