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The MDP is a collection of toolkits which support managers as they move through the different stages of their career.

The programme is developmental and recognises 4 stages of progression, those being:

  • Induction
  • Foundation
  • Growing
  • Polishing

During the Induction and Foundation stages there are mandatory toolkits which must be completed and for new starters this is a condition of their probation. The first two stages of the programme focus on process driven elements of the management role and are essential for any manager to get to grips with the basics.

The Growing and Polishing stages are non-prescriptive and encourage managers to take ownership of their own learning – identifying the relevant courses which will support them in developing their career.

For further details please visit the following link: Management Development Programme

Who is The MDP aimed at

This is a mandatory management course for all staff at grade 6 or above with appraisal responsibility. Current managers who fall within the above category and Trade Union representatives are strongly encouraged to apply. Although priority will be given to the above groups we will also consider applications from those that have been identified for succession planning.

AUA (Association of University Administrators) membership

All Professional Services staff enrolled on the MDP will receive 2 years membership. AUA membership will support learning through the provision of their online tools as well as encouraging the professionalism of management within the HE sector. This is achieved through networking opportunities, regular updates of developments within the sector as well as career development support. To further enhance the professionalism of the management role it is a requirement for Professional Services staff to apply for accreditation at the end of their foundation course.

RVC Behaviours

The RVC behaviours are integrated and referenced throughout all the MDP. They are represented at the beginning of each course by a daisy wheel which pulls through the relevant behaviours of the course.  

How to register

New staff

All new managers at grade 6 and above with appraisal responsibility will be automatically enrolled by HR. Both the new starter and their line manager will receive an email confirming the registration together with confirmation of the dates and times of the various toolkits they will be attending.

Current staff

Current managers/trade union reps and those identified for succession planning can register by completing the Management Development Programme Application Form.

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