The RVC will use your personal data to carry out the necessary tasks for administration and management of your interactions with our clinical services.

This is likely to include your contact details, payment details, and details of your insurance provision so we can carry out clinical work at your request. It may also include a record of your consent to be contacted by the RVC for a range of purposes which may include: appointment or vaccination reminders, events or clinical services relevant to the care of your companion, working or production animal, requests to take part in research studies in support of veterinary medicine or communications from the Animal Care Trust which is a charity that supports our activities.

In certain circumstances we may be obliged to share your information with third parties such insurance companies, debt collection agencies, microchip registration companies, the RSPCA, the police or the courts.

Where we are processing your personal data for the purposes of the clinical services we are providing to you we do so on the legal bases of contract.

Where we are processing your data for other purposes for which we have sought your consent (e.g. marketing, research) then the legal bases for processing that data is the consent that you have provided.

Full details can be provided to you in writing or found at: RVC Client Privacy Notice

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