Camden Campus

As a Veterinary Medicine student, you will be taught at the Camden Campus in years one and two.  Here, you will be able to take advantage of the fantastic facilities, including a gym, restaurant, café and library. The campus also benefits from being at the heart of London, meaning there are endless cafés, restaurants, bars and museums to enjoy.

Hawkshead Campus

In the years three, four, and five your time will be spent between the leafy Hawkshead Campus, honing your clinical skills, and off-site placements. This busy campus is set in the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire and boasts world-class teaching facilities, a modern sports centre, and numerous eating and drinking establishments. 


Teaching Facilities

The Hawkshead Campus boasts world-class teaching facilities such as the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals where you will be able to gain hands on experience with animals in the later years of study.

Boltons Park Farm

Boltons Park Farm is located a short distance from the Hawkshead Campus. It is the RVC's farm animal practical teaching facility where students can gain hands-on experience with some of the 130 pedigree Holstein Friesian, 400 sheep, 40 hens and a flock of turkeys. Students will be offered extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

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