Who can my child go to for support?

At the RVC, we take the well-being of our students seriously and have set up The Advice Centre, where they can receive support from specialist advisors on issues such as finances, mental health, disability and learning differences.

Students are also assigned a tutor at the start of their studies; this is a trusted adult to whom they can come to with academic and personal concerns. The tutor will arrange regular meetings and check-ins with the students to ensure they are settling in well.

How does the RVC promote the safety of its students?

The RVC has onsite security, a friendly team that ensures all campus visitors are registered, and 24-hour security in the RVC halls of residence. We take the safety of our students seriously, and in instances where a student feels unsafe, they can speak to security, the Advice Centre, or their tutor. During Welcome Week, students can also speak with our student ambassadors, who will be accompanying them across activities and can help them access help if needed.

What clubs can they join?

The SU is run by students, for students. Here are some of the ways they work to make your time at the RVC memorable:

During your time at the RVC, you can join any of our 60 societies. From Volleyball Society to K-pop Society, you’re bound to find a society that you love, where you’ll make lifelong friends, have the chance to relax from your studies and pick up new hobbies.

RVC students also benefit from being members of the University of London, meaning they can join societies set up by other students attending specific universities in London, meaning the activities available are vast, and they are likely to find something that meets their interests. Joining these societies is a fantastic way to make friends and begin developing their community in London.

More information can be found here.

Where can my child live in the second year onwards?

Housing in the second year onwards is a concern for many parents, with the rental costs in London being high and sometimes competitive, we understand this worry.

The RVC recommends that students begin their search at the University of London Housing Association, where properties are advertised, and they can also get free advice, have housing contracts checked, and access support. Additionally, there are Facebook pages set up by students to look for housemates and share housing details; houses are often passed down through the generations of students from landlords they have found trustworthy.

What happens if they don’t get the grades?

The course requirements at the RVC are often high to reflect the prestige and rigour of the courses, and it may be that your child does not achieve the results they were expecting.

In this case, the Admissions Department will consider their outcomes on a case-by-case basis. If the grades are very narrowly missed, it may be possible that the place remains available to them; however, for our hugely over-subscribed courses, such as Veterinary medicine, it will be less likely that the place can still be offered if the grades are not achieved. If your young person is in doubt on Results Day, we encourage them to get in touch with our friendly Admissions team, who can advise them further.

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