Published: 14 Jul 2017 | Last Updated: 17 Jul 2017 07:50:00

The Summer 2017 issue of Clinical Connections - the RVC Clinical Services newsletter - is out now.

This edition features an Equine Case Study about Gait Analysis and Research News about Equine Elastic Resistance Band Training, as well as articles on:

  • The Future of the Veterinary Profession
  • Cat Bounces Back After Brain Surgery
  • Plasmapheresis: When the Drugs Don’t Work
  • Common Small Animal Surgical Cases
  • Prudent Antibiotic Use and Effective Infection Control
  • Multimodal Approach to Pain Management
  • Getting the Best out of Biopsies
  • Research News

 Clinical Connections - Summer 2017 (online version of email newsletter)


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