• There are no short cuts to loan origination: all students must complete the steps listed in How to Apply.
  • The steps you will need to take are quick and easy but the RVC will not know if you have completed all the processes for all the loans you intend to borrow unless you tell us. Also, the RVC will not know how much you wish to borrow until you tell us.
  • We understand you are advised that RVC have access to your loan documents directly from FAFSA. However Federal Student Aid has classified RVC as a foreign school and therefore will not have access to download your documents from FAFSA!   
  • We want to be sure that you have completed everything you have to do before we start to process your loan application because if the School starts origination of loans (process your loan application) and your loan application is incomplete or information is missing then your loan origination will fail and this will delay your access to federal financial assistance.
  • The RVC online loan application process (Rover) will enable you to upload your documents and track the progress of your loan application. You will be able to see what remains to be submitted, and what the status is of your loan.
  • You can begin the process of preparing your FAFSA application here
  •  Please do not submit documents by email unless specifically instructed.

Latest News

2022-23 Rover US Loan Applications:

We are expecting to contact new entrants with their Rover login details and instruction on how to apply to the RVC for a loan by 25th July 2022. In the meantime students should ensure they have completed the FAFSA application process.

As always, we will prioritise processing these applications so new entrants can obtain visas.

Use My US Direct Loans Application Tracking Report to track the status of your loan - provided you have begun or submitted an application on Rover.

Continuing students will be able to apply via Rover from late July.

Guide to FAFSA

Take the time to read our Guide to FAFSA carefully before you start your application.

Federal Student Aid Resources

You can view and download resources from the office of Federal Student Aid.

The office of Federal Student Aid provides publications, online tools, and other resources to help you prepare and pay for college, applying for aid, and more. Below are samples of useful tools and link to “StudentAid” official website.

U.S. Federal Loans from RVC - What You Need to Know

Take the time to read our U.S. Federal Loans from RVC guide carefully before you start your application.

Loan Applications for 2022/23

Please Note
Loan applications for 2022/23 must be made online via Rover, the Registry’s web portal.

You will be able to submit all the required documentation by uploading them using the online application process, and will be able to track the progress of your application.

If you are a new student joining us in September and haven't been issued with a Rover login yet read When will I get access to Rover so I can apply?

Points to note before you apply for your loan

  • Do not begin the application process for 2022/23 before 1st May 2022, this is because some of your loan documents are only valid for 180 days, and we are not able to begin originating loans until mid-June.
  • New students joining the college in September 2022 will receive their login details by 13 June, provided they have received and accepted an unconditional offer and have paid their deposit.
  • Continuing students should apply by August. We will prioritise the processing of applications for new students.
  • Loan applications are typically completed by the student and processed (i.e. award confirmed) in three to four weeks
  • We are not able to process the loan applications of continuing students with a re-sit in September until your result is published.

All students must complete the steps listed in Apply to RVC.


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