The RVC has the capacity manage an array of respiratory issues in dogs and cats including bacterial pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, pulmonary contusions, neuromuscular conditions, drug toxicities, heart failure and brachycephalic airway syndrome.

We have five temperature and humidity controlled oxygen kennels large enough to house cats and small and medium sized dogs. Larger dogs can be administered oxygen therapy in a standard kennel via nasal supplementation.

For those patients requiring more support we have the ability to use High Flow Nasal Oxygen, a which provides continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). In addition we have CPAP masks available which can be used in appropriate patients. Evidence shows that these therapies can lead to marked improvements in patients with respiratory disease.

For the most critical dogs and cats, we have two human grade ventilators which allow successful treatment of patients with the most severe respiratory compromise who cannot oxygenate their blood or breathe effectively.

All respiratory therapies require a dedicated team of vets and nurses to optimise patient care which is provided in our intensive care unit.

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