Otitis externa and media

Close collaboration between the dermatology team and our specialist anaesthesia and radiology services enables the full assessment and ‘staging’ of chronic ear disease, often by combination of CT scanning and examination / flushing using video-otoscopy.

This allows optimisation of medical management, or in selected cases, provides justification for referral to our soft tissue team for surgical interventions where indicated.

Dedicated anaesthesia services are particularly helpful when dealing with the brachycephalic patients and other individuals with higher anaesthetic risks during the examination.

Clinico-pathological correlation

The dermatology team has a strong interest in dermatopathology and routinely reviews the histopathological features of each case that undergoes skin biopsy sampling.

We commonly meet on-site with our colleagues in pathology to review slides and compare the gross lesions with the microscopical features, particulary in the more challenging cases.

This collaborative approach enhances understanding of the pathogenesis of the observed skin lesions and maximises the diagnostic benefit of the sampling process.

Intradermal testing

We commonly perform intradermal tests in allergic dogs, cats and horses where allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is warranted. 

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