When you need a pet health check – our team are on hand to ensure that all aspects of your pet’s health are addressed.

What is covered in my pet’s health check?

When your pet has a full health examination – we would typically look at the following:

  • body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • weight
  • eye examination
  • ear examination
  • mouth/dental examination
  • skin/fur examination
  • lymph nodes
  • joints/movement
  • physical checks on places like the abdomen and limbs

We would also check for signs of parasites, such as fleas and worms.
We discuss general pet well-being matters such as nutrition, behaviour and exercise/mental stimulation.

When can I make an appointment for my pet’s health check?

Health check appointments are available throughout the week, including weekends.

How much is a pet health check appointment?

The cost of our pet health check is £55 (prices at Feb 2024).  Any additional treatments or procedures arising are charged in addition to this.

We strongly recommend joining our Pet Health Plans where the health check is included as part of the plan AND you can spread the costs of this and other routine pet healthcare costs in easy monthly payments starting from just £16pm.

Click here for more details on our pet health plans : Pet Health Plans

How long does a pet health check take?

A standard pet health check takes 15 – 20 minutes.

Who conducts the pet heath check? 

The initial health check may be carried out by one of our vets or a final year veterinary student, working under the close supervision of an experienced veterinary surgeon. The vet will also examine your pet and discuss any findings or treatment required.

Where does the pet health check take place?

Pet health checks take place at the RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal hospital (in Camden, London) where all of your pet’s needs can be catered for Can I book a health check for any type of pet?
Yes – not only do we have a team of experienced small animal vets who focus on cats and dogs, we also have a specialist exotics team who can provide health checks for more unusual pets including birds, rodents and reptiles.

How often should my pet have a health check?

All pets should have a full health check once per year (usually at the time of their annual vaccination). We recommend that older pets (cats over ten years, dogs over eight years old) are checked every six months as they can be prone to developing age related health conditions

How can I book a pet health check?

You can book an appointment for a health check by calling the RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital on 0207 387 8134.

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