If you have recently moved to the area, have just acquired a new pet or have decided to change your veterinary practice, registering with us is very simple.

All you need to do is call us on 020 7387 8134 and inform the receptionist that you would like to become a client and would like to register your animals. Alternatively you can enter your details on the form below which will be sent to our reception team by email. All details supplied will be entered into our computer records in readiness for your first visit.
If you are an exotic pet owner looking to register with the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, please call the reception team directly to register.

In order to avoid delays and potential compromise to your animal's welfare we would advise you to register with the practice before the need for emergency services. If necessary we will need your consent to contact your previous veterinary practice for your pets’ clinical notes.

If you have any queries or questions about registering with our hospital, please contact our reception team on 020 7387 8134.

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We collect this information in order to provide and improve our services. If you agree, we will also use it to send you information by email, post or text, about products, research, and services from the RVC and the work of Animal Care Trust (ACT) charity that we think would interest you. We have provided various options for you to select (by ticking the boxes) below including your preferred method of communication. For a more detailed explanation of how we use your personal data please see the Privacy Policies on our website.

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If your pet has previously seen another vet, we will need their medical history before we can register them. Please ask your previous to contact us directly on 020 7387 8134 or to email your pet’s clinical history to Beaumont@rvc.ac.uk.
For small mammal and exotic pets please phone us directly on 020 7387 8134 to register, as we will require additional information before seeing your pet.

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