At RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital and vet practice, you can be reassured that you are getting exceptional small mammal vet knowledge and expertise. From the very first day you get your new small furry pet - and throughout its lifetime - we can support and advise you and your small pet every step of the way.   

Due to their size, sometimes small mammal pets can be seen as an ‘easier’ option - especially as they may be the first pet a child ever owns. In reality, they may need as much looking after as other domestic pets, such as cats and dogs. We encourage clients to look into what is involved in caring for their 'small furry' animal before committing to owning one so all family members know what to expect to keep their pet happy and healthy.

Our small animal vet service supports a wide variety of species, including:  

  • Ferrets
  • African pygmy hedgehogs
  • Sugar gliders
  • Meerkats

We recognise that all of them have different needs which is why we have

  • Separate waiting areas in our vet reception for small mammals so that any stress for your visit is minimised
  • Specialist hospital ward area dedicated only to prey species (predator species kept separately)
  • Bespoke ward facilities designed with very small animals' needs in mind
  • Adjustable lighting to create a more reassuring environment

Small mammal care sheets   

Caring for your African pygmy hedgehog (pdf download)

Caring for your Ferret (pdf download)

Caring for your Meerkat (pdf download)

Caring for your Sugar glider (pdf download)

RVC Research about Small mammal health

A case of mycobacteriosis in a pet ferret contracted from contact with an aquarium (August 2017)

A case of bilateral physeal dysplasia (hip disease) in a domestic ferret (October 2019)

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