At RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, your pet fish or amphibian will benefit from our team’s care, experience and expertise. From the day you get your pet fish or amphibian and throughout its lifetime - we can support and give you care and advice every step of the way.

We treat a wide variety of species including:

  • Frogs and toads
  • Axolotls
  • Salamanders
  • Fresh and saltwater fish

Specialist fish and amphibian pet facilities: We have a specialist temperate controlled reptile and amphibian ward area which ensures that amphibians are kept in a safe and suitable environment to aid their recovery including: a variety of species-specific vivariums, and tanks for our aquatic species. 

Thinking of buying a pet fish or amphibian?

We recognise that buying a pet is a big decision – which is why we are on hand to give pre-purchase/ownership guidance when you are choosing your next pet.

Information and Care Sheets (PDFs)

RVC Research about reptile health

Treatment of the parasite 'Anchor worm' in a Mexican axolotl (2021)

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