Advanced Techniques & Specialist Procedures

Advanced Techniques & Specialist Procedures

Since its establishment as the first veterinary school in the English-speaking world, the RVC has pioneered new veterinary techniques and procedures. We are at the forefront of advancements in veterinary surgery and medicine. Many treatments that our leading specialists pioneer eventually become established in veterinary services around the world, benefiting animals everywhere.

Advanced Technique

Brainsight neuronavigation system

The work of surgeons at RVC small animal referrals is assisted by the Brainsight neuronavigation system. We were the first veterinary centre in the UK to have the 3-dimension stereotactic brain biopsy device.

Brainsight allows clinicians a high level of precision when performing biopsies and also to plan and undertake surgery. This means our neurosurgeons can perform brain surgery on cats and dogs to remove tumours that would have previously been inoperable due to their deep location.


Increasing safety and survival rates

By accurately targeting located masses using the system we reduce the risk of secondary damage to the brain and significantly increase the survival rates and clinical outcomes for brain tumour patients.

Brainsight helped RVC clinicians at Queen Mother Hospital for Animals be the first in the UK to perform a hypophysectomy to treat a cat with acromegaly.