The college wishes to centrally store and manage as much research data as possible. Central storage brings with it improved security, accessibility and you will have greater access and security of your data than if it were stored on a local computer or external hard drive.

The Infrastructure Services Directorate (ISD) has invested heavily in IT Infrastructure and research data storage. From February 2014, 0.75 Petabytes (750 Terabytes) will be available for use by Research Teams in the college.

Charging model

Costs are associated with Research Data Storage and a charging model has been developed based on the size of storage required and the overall grant received for the project.

Research teams are charged a one off fee for the storage of data, using a Pay Once Store Forever model. This fee is based on the size of the storage required and the overall grant received. For the purposes of Data storage ‘forever’ is classed as 20 years from the start of the project. To apply for data storage please go the Research Data Storage request page.

Storage pricing table

Project Grant under £10,000

No charge will be required for projects with storage requirements of under 0.25 Terabytes (250 Gigabytes) and project grant of under £10,000.

For requirements greater than 0.25 Terabytes (250 Gigabytes) please see the storage pricing table below.

Project Grant over £10,000

If your project has a grant of over £10,000, it is subject to the below RDM costs.

Terabytes requiredPay Once, Store Forever Cost
Under 0.25 £125
0.5 £250
0.75 £375
1 £500
2 £1000
3 £1500
4 £2000
5 £2500
6 £3000
7 £3500
8 £4000
9 £4500
10 £5000
Over 10

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