This page answers Frequently Asked Questions related to Office 365 Email and Calendar tasks and functionality.

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A note if you are using Outlook on a Mac, once your account is migrated, your new Outlook should auto-configure. However, you might receive a popup message that first time you open it. If you click the box next to Always use my response for this server, and click OK, you won't get the popup message again:

To share another user's email account in Outlook (Windows)

In order to view or manage another user's email inbox, you must first be given Folder Visible permission by the mailbox owner.

To grant Folder Visible permission:

Right-click the root folder of the your mailbox (where it says, and then click Folder Permissions:

Click Add and search for the name of the mailbox you want to share:

When the mailbox you want to view appears in the list, click it and then check the box next to Folder visible. Click OK: 

Under Permissions, under Other, select the Folder Visible check box.Click OK.

To add the shared mailbox to your Outlook:

Click the File tab, then Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

On the Account Settings window, double click your mailbox:

On the window that pops up, click More Settings:

Click the Advanced tab, then Add to search for the user whose mailbox you want to access:

Click OK to finish adding the mailbox to your own Outlook profile. 

To share another user's email in Outlook (Mac)

If you are using Outlook on a Mac, you can access another user's mailbox or calendar by following these steps:

Click the Outlook menu and choose Preferences. In the Outlook Preferences window, under Personal Settings, click Accounts:

Select your account from the Account list and click Advanced…

Select the Delegates tab and click + under ‘People I am a delegate for’:

Search for the user who’s account you wish to access, select them from the list, and click OK:

The user account will now be listed under ‘People I am a delegate for:’ Click OK to confirm the changes and close the Advanced properties window.

To delegate inbox access to another user (Mac)

To delegate account access to another user, click the Outlook menu and choose  Select Accounts from the Outlook Preferences screen, located under Personal Settings:

 Select the account you wish to share from the Account list and click Advanced…


 Select the Delegates tab and click + under ‘Delegates who can act on my behalf:’ to add a new delegate:

Search for the user you wish to delegate access to, select them from the list and click OK:

From here you can specify which aspects of your account you shall share with the delegate. Review the permissions of what level of access you wish to provide for each aspect and click OK to confirm.

The user account will now be listed under ‘Delegates who can act on my behalf:’ Click OK to confirm the changes and close the Advanced properties window:

To open a shared inbox using

To open a mailbox that you have access to using your browser inbox, click the profile picture in the top right corner of your mailbox, then choose Open another mailbox. Search for the mailbox you wish to view, then click OK:

To add or remove another person's calendar using Outlook

To add a calendar to your Outlook profile, click Calendar and then choose From Address Book. Search for the account you want to add, then click OK to add it to your profile:

To remove a calendar from your Outlook profile, right click the account name you want to delete in your list of calendars and choose Delete Calendar:

To open another person's calendar using

If you are using your browser to access your email/calendar, you can view another user's calendar by clicking the grid icon in the top right corner of your inbox page and choosing Calendar:

On the Calendar page, click the drop down link for Add calendar. From the menu that appears, you can add from a file or from the RVC directory.

If you choose 'From directory' you'll be shown a search box that allows you to look for a specific user/profile:

Once you click on the appropriate user, the associated calendar will be listed under your own on your Calendar page, colour coded in a way that distinguishes their appointments from your own.

To remove a calendar, simply right click on it where it's listed under My calendars and choose Remove:

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