Older pets have particular needs in relation to diet, exercise. They also have specific disease risks that need to be monitored carefully. Our senior dog and cat clinics offer owners opportunities to ensure that their pet is as healthy and happy as possible.

Geriatric cat clinic

The clinic investigates problems which are common in older cats, particularly kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and hypertension (high blood pressure). If your cat is newly diagnosed with any of these problems you can attend this special clinic.

Clinic staff are also interested in seeing cats that are over eight years old that seem healthy. We check these pets for kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and hypertension to identify problems before they become severe. Cats receive a general examination, including measurement of their blood pressure, examination of their eyes and blood and urine tests if appropriate.

Any booster vaccinations or other drugs that are required have to be paid for by clients but check-ups are free for geriatric cat clinic regulars.

To find out more about our older pet clinics please contact our reception team on 020 7387 8134.

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