As a registered client, you will be able to access a whole myriad of pet advice resources.

Pet Emergency Advice

To access our tips and advice to follow if you have pet emergency see:

Online pet advice resources

We have a library of useful information about all sorts of species - see pet advice and animal care fact sheets.

Top tips if you're bringing your pet to us

  • Please bring along details of any special food, bedding, or toileting needs for your pet
  • Bring in your pet’s favourite toy or blanket
  • Avoid taking your pet for muddy walks before any planned surgery
  • Please ensure you follow all pre-surgery instructions including fasting periods if required

Pet Advice at the Practice

Please feel free to ask any questions during your visit to our vet practice. All our team are on hand to give you advice on pet health and wellbeing. Our vets and vet nurses will be delighted to answer any pet advice questions you may have. By asking pet care questions, you are also helping the vets of the future as we provide vocational learning to our veterinary students (who may be present at your appointments).

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